Ways to Reduce Business Energy Costs During Singapore’s Warmest Months 

Weather temperatures in Singapore average between 25℃ to 31℃ all year round. However, during its warmest months, from April to July, this can rise to 33℃.

Singapore has recently recorded some of its highest temperatures in April 2022, going upwards to 36.8℃. With temperatures rising, most businesses in Singapore may not be as energy efficient as they can be and could end up spending more in order to maintain productivity or keep up with daily operations.

So, what can businesses do to make sure they are achieving their sustainability goals?  A business can Fortunately, there are simple steps that your business can take to combat this and reduce energy costs without having to compromise on productivity and revenue.

 1. Installing Energy Efficient Devices 

Recoup your business’s costs with better equipment instead of allowing old, inefficient devices to continue eating away at your energy budget. There are always better alternatives your business can take advantage of as an opportunity to save more. This can be from something as simple as switching to energy-efficient lightings such as LEDs or upgrading your equipment or machinery.

2. Leveraging Off-Peak Hours 

Many may not know this, but utilities charge higher rates during peak hours of the day. Your business maybe paying more for energy usage at different times of the day. Fortunately, you can always take advantage of off-peak hours in order to significantly reduce your business’s energy costs. However, your business may need to reorganise the timing of its operations in order to leverage on this and it may not be feasible for all businesses.

3. Switching to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) 

Most businesses operating heavy machinery often rely on fossil fuels such as diesel to power their businesses. Not only does this mean that your business is emitting a considerable amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it also means that you are not saving as much as you could. GasHub’s LNG is an alternative source of energy that can help businesses save on energy costs while emitting 30% less CO2 compared to diesel.

4. Re-Evaluate Your Energy Strategy

As mentioned in our previous article, an energy strategy for your business could yield positive results in ways of reducing environmental impacts while increasing profitability and saving costs. Having said this, if your business has not taken the warmest months of the year into account, you may need to re-evaluate your energy strategy to accommodate the warmer months of the year. By doing this, you avoid running the risk of missing opportunities to efficiently manage your business’s energy usage and lower costs in the long run.

GasHub provides solutions for many industries in Singapore. If you are in the market for efficient and cost-effective cleaner energy, GasHub can help reduce your energy costs while lowering your carbon emissions and increasing profit. To learn more about how GasHub can help your business, talk to us today