How SMEs in Singapore Can Start Greening Their Efforts Now

With plans for Singapore to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050, and the Singapore Green Plan 2030 already underway, it is important for SMEs to move towards more sustainable business practices.

Cluster president for Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei at Schneider Electric, Mr. Kim Yoon Young, suggests that SMEs think about greening their efforts if they want to maintain business ties, especially if they are big suppliers to other companies who are keen on reducing their carbon impact on the environment.

With carbon tax set to be raised from $5 per tonne to $50 – $80 per tonne by 2030, it is now, more than ever, crucial for businesses to begin greening their efforts in order to cut back on their carbon footprint. But how exactly should SMEs go about greening their efforts?

5 ways SMEs can begin greening their efforts in 2022

Here are 5 things you can do as an SME to cut back on emissions and help preserve our environment:

1. Use Green Office Supplies

The easiest and most straightforward way to begin greening your efforts as a company is to start using office supplies that are environmentally friendly. This includes using LED light bulbs, ensuring cleaning supplies are natural or environmental-friendly, using rechargeable batteries where possible, printing on both sides of paper and recycling it, and using refillable ink cartridges so that they do not go to waste.

2. Save Energy As Much As You Can

It is important to be conscious of how much energy you consume. Scrutinise your energy bills so that you have an idea of where your business is at with energy consumption, and then identify where you can afford to cut back. Practices such as switching off lights, air-conditioning, and appliances when not in use, investing in timed lights that go off automatically at the end of the day, utilising natural light with glass windows, using energy-efficient office appliances, and enabling sleep mode on computers and gadgets, among others, are good to adopt.

Another way you can reduce your energy bill is by using Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution running on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) — a non-toxic, liquid gas. It has almost no environmentally-damaging sulfur dioxide emissions, making it a greener source of energy. GasHub is one of the leading gas energy providers in Singapore specialising in LNG to power.

3. Incentivise Employees to Adopt Green Transportation Habits

Fostering a culture of green habits amongst employees includes encouraging them to adopt greener transportation habits, such as taking public transport, carpooling, walking, or cycling to the office. Some easy ways to incentivise your employees to adopt green transportation habits are:-

  • Offering subsidies on public transport expenses
  • Creating a safe storage area for bicycles to be parked in the office
  • Picking office locations that are conveniently accessible via public transport

4. Use Cloud Software for Your Operations

Moving to cloud-based solutions for your operations is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint, even if the transition to cloud takes some time. Cloud solutions utilise fewer servers and thereby reducing carbon emissions by 88% or more.

5. Allow and Encourage Working From Home

Allowing employees to telecommute every now and then means that they would not have to travel to the office, which positively impacts the environment. Having fewer employees in the office also reduces energy consumption on the premise.

Mitigating the High Cost of Greening Your Efforts

Sure, going green does have financial impacts on your business, especially at the initial stage of the transition. On the bright side, however, the Singapore government has launched an Enterprise Sustainability Programme (ESP) to support Singapore companies, especially SMEs, by helping to fund their sustainable efforts.

Under this programme, startups and SMEs alike can take advantage of the subsidised training workshops on sustainability, and access tools and resources to enable their adoption of greener efforts. Companies looking to go further can enjoy support in developing strategies, optimising resources, and adopting standards under this scheme, as well as receiving support in developing innovative sustainable products and services to tap into the green economy.

GasHub provides solutions for many industries in the region. If you are looking for efficient and cost-effective cleaner energy, GasHub can help reduce your energy costs and lower your carbon emissions while increasing profit. To learn more about how your business can begin greening its efforts to conserve the environment, talk to us today!