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Established since 1991, GasHub has a track record as a leading gas piping and engineering services specialist in Singapore. The company has established itself as a market player in both the public and private sectors. today, the company has an integrated approach to achieve sustainable growth:

Gashubin Engineering Private Limited

A gas-energy provider for commercial and residential users. The company has a long history and deep expertise in commercial gas systems, providing consultation, design, construction and installation services for residential, commercial and industrial clients across Singapore. The division is evolving to become a fully-integrated energy provider in Singapore, in line with the Singapore Government’s push to convert

Gashubin Technology Private Limited

A developer of high-technology energy efficiency products, which includes the development, integration, and commercialisation of energy-efficient, low-carbon technologies. The division has in-house R&D team with strategic partnerships with top research institutes in Singapore. The goal is to become a leading alternative energy provider by developing customised fuel cell power for commercial and industrial uses

Gashubunited Utilities Private Limited

GashubUnited Utility Pte Ltd is a newly formed arm of the Gashub group specialising in distribution of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). We go beyond the traditional method of transporting LNG using large 20 footers by breaking it down into smaller 210 litre cylinders over at our eastern and western re-bottling sites to reach out to more people, these cylinders are largely similar to the industrial LPG cylinders we see today.

The company’s growth is focused on driving its LNG based proprietary and patented Tri-generational Energy Xcelerator (3GEX) suite of technology and business solutions in Singapore and Asia Pacific region. 3GEX provides energy consumers with a variety of flexible, eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions that can be customised and tailored to suit different operational needs.

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We invest in innovative energy technology solutions that will enable a cleaner and greener environment, and at the same time, achieve cost-savings, greater efficiency and value for our customers.