The rise of green consumerism has provided entrepreneurs with opportunities within the environmental markets. Research has shown that green consumers have highly sincere intentions, with an increasing commitment towards greener lifestyles. They deem their environmental practices as inadequate and also look out for companies who are committed to improve their efforts in going green. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who is also passionate to protecting the environment, why not consider starting an eco-friendly business which can cater to the growing needs of green consumers? Here are top 10 green business ideas for nature conscious entrepreneurs.

1. Green Blogger

ieatishootipost, Ladyironchef, and Daniel Food Diary are amongst a handful of popular food blogs that Singaporeans browse when searching for ideas on what food to get for an upcoming meetup. These blogs commonly cover popular cafes, emerging food trends but coverage on green products remains negligible.
If you are more focused on writing, you can start a food blog about organic/green food products or eco-friendly food places and then make money through advertising or the sale of green products.

2. Organic Food Sales

An average Singaporean’s busy schedule demands a high level of convenience, especially for food and snacks. Such trends gave rise to a latest healthy eating trend: snack boxes. The health industry is catching on to the popularity of subscription-based businesses, especially in the area of food. This idea can serve as an extension from a green food blog, serving another profitable source of income that can be derived through the sale of organic snacks or meals plans to visitors of your blog/website via a subscription plan model.

3. Sustainable Event Planner

Clean and Green Singapore organizes annual events to raise eco-consciousness, providing an opportunity to make an environmental impact on its citizens. You can offer event planning services to environmental organizations or even proposing an eco-friendly twist on things like food menu and decorations that are made up of reusable materials. Other than a government-initiated event, you can organize more of such environmentally focused events at a smaller scale for greater outreach by charging admission fees or even obtaining sponsors.

4. Green App Developer

Mobile applications are utilized by most businesses and government institutions due to its usefulness providing convenience for purchases and provision of information. So you can develop mobile apps designed to help people with environmentally friendly functions such as finding recycling centers, learning about the environmental practices of different brands, promoting green business/event or providing a platform to purchase green products and so much more.

5. Green Fashion Line

More than 156,000 tones of textile wastes were thrown away by Singaporeans in 2015 but only 8% of them were recycled. Fashion designers, retailers or even DIY gurus can play a crucial role in increasing the textile recycling rate by starting a clothing line or retail store that utilizes these unused materials.

6. Ink Refill Business

Ink cartridges for printers and pens can also be expensive and wasteful. So you can start a business from collecting ink cartridges and old pens and then refilling them for your customers so that they can get more use out of them instead of continuing to buy new ones, which generates a lot of plastic waste.

7. Green Bed and Breakfast

If your interest lies in the tourism & hospitality industry, one of Singapore’s high performing sectors, consider collaborating with hotels in keeping their location running with minimal power through eco-friendly power source and system management while also providing meal plans that use organic ingredients. An example will be the incorporation of GasHub Utility’s pipeline services which can convert heat produced by the generators into other heating and cooling applications, providing a 30-40% cost savings.

8. Juice or Smoothie Bar

Millennials are increasingly getting more aware and are taking active steps in implementing healthy decisions into their everyday life. One example will be the incorporation of health juice and smoothie bars into their diet, providing health food startups with the opportunities to capitalise on the clean food revolution. You can start an online shop that specifically focuses on using organic and sustainable ingredients, catering to both health and environmentally conscious consumers.

9. Organic Gift Shop

With the increasing demand for organic products, you can also start a local gift shop that focuses specifically on products that use natural and organic materials.
10. Eco-Friendly Beauty Salon
Beauty products such as hair dyes and straightening/curling creams are notoriously filled with chemicals and other materials which are harmful to both the user and the environment. However, you can start a beauty salon that uses more natural products to target environmentally conscious consumers or even craft eco-friendly products and sells them to existing salons.