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Established since 1991, GasHub has a track record as a leading gas piping and engineering services specialist in singapore. The cmpany has established itself as a market player in both the public andprivate sectors. today, the company has an integrated approach t achieve sustainable growth:

Gashubin Engineering Private Limited

A gas-energy provider for commercial and residential users. The company has a long history and deep experties in commercial gas systems, providing consultation, design, construction and installation services for residential, commercial and industrial clients accross Singapore. The division is evolving to become a fully-integrated energy provider in Singapore, in line with the Singapore Government’s push to convert

Gashubin Technology Private Limited

A developer of high-technology energy efficiency products, which includes the development, integration and commercialisation of energy-efficient, low-carbon technologies. The division has in-house R&D team with strategic partnerships with top research institutes in Singapore. The goal is to become a leading alternative energy provider by developing customised fuel cell power for commercial and industrial uses

Gashubunited Utilities Private Limited

The company is in the process of becoming a one-stop and fully-integrated energy provider and utlity company in Singapore.

The company’s growth is focused on driving it’s proprietary and patented Tri-generational Energy Xcelerator (3GEX) suite of technology and business solutions in Singapore and Asia Pacific region. 3GEX provides energy consumers with a variety of flexible, eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions that can be customised and tailored to suit different operational needs.

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We invest in innovative energy technology solutions that will enable a cleaner and greener environment, and at the same time, achieve cost-savings, greater efficiency and value for our customers.