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Established since 1991, GasHub has a track record as a leading gas piping and engineering services specialist in Singapore within both the public and private sectors. Today, the company has an integrated approach to achieve sustainable growth via Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as we see that as the future of sustainable and cleaner energy.

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HOMEGROWN gas-piping and energy services specialist GasHub, which will be listing on the Australi..

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The Gashub group operates in 3 divisions, namely Gashub Engineering, Gashub Technology and Gashub Utility. Our Engineering division is one of the market leaders in Singapore with more than 25 years of operating experience complemented by our Technology arm specialising in commercial gas heating and power systems, and is a gas to energy provider for commercial and industrial users. Our utility arm marks our transformation into an integrated cleaner energy provider as we kick off with our LNG offering.

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The Technology division of GasHub group was formed in 2001 with a..

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The Engineering division of GasHub group was formed 25 years ago by Aviers Lim and provides services commencing with the consultation and design phase to construction and installation of various proj..


GashubUnited Utility Pte Ltd is a newly formed arm of the Gashub group specialising in distribution of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). We go beyond the traditional method of transporting LNG using large..

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We invest in innovative energy technology solutions that will enable a cleaner and greener environment, and at the same time, achieve cost-savings, greater efficiency and value for our customers.